Black Night

Black Night Online Free, After 8 years of self-inflicted exile Ishak reluctantly returns to his hometown. There, he must face the demons of his own past and inevitably confront his old community, who is reluctant to uncover its deeply buried sins. At his mother's funeral Ishak encounters a lovely vagrant by the name of Ferhat. Ishak followers Ferhat and as a result meets Sirma, his daughter who every once in while comes from the city to visit her father. Ferhat and Sirma are, in fact, the father and sister of the young forestry engineer Ali, who had been appointed to the village seven years ago and who suddenly disappeared; Ishak also knew him well. For Ishak, this encounter once again opens up old wounds from seven years ago. So what happened to Ali seven years ago "That night"? and what does Ishak know about the incident?

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