Back To The Territories: AWA

Back To The Territories: AWA Online Free, As the golden age of wrestling TV came to a close, many stars of the black & white found comfortable spots running territories around the U.S. And one of the biggest up and comers of the 50s and early 60s settled into a decades-long role at the helm of The AWA. Verne Gagne became the face and the soul of the powerhouse territory from Minnesota, and the closest person to him, his son Greg Gagne, joins Jim Cornette for a walk through Verne’s life and the history of the AWA. Greg’s inside information will blow your mind, from the hilarious — Mad Dog Vachon opening a plane door at 10,000 feet … to the intriguing — the alleged skullduggery at the hands of Eric Bischoff. Greg goes with Corny as the earliest days of the company are explored, then the heartbreak and blown opportunities at the hands of Hulk Hogan, and up through the run at Vince in the 80’s. You may think you have heard the whole story of The AWA. But there’s more that Greg has stayed silent on…’till now!

Country: United States of America

Runtime: 118 minutes

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

imdb rating 7

Back To The Territories: AWA (2016) Watch Online HD 123Movies Free