Aruna Vasudev – Mother of Asian Cinema

Aruna Vasudev – Mother of Asian Cinema Online Free, Aruna Vasudev, Founder of Netpac, Cinemaya & Cinefan Film festival has touched the lives of many in the world of Cinema. This documentary traces her roots from her humble origins in an undivided British India, to corridors of cinematic universe. It brings together her journey as a film critic, cinema activist and an impresario, weaving a tapestry that connects the dots that make the large canvas that we know as Asian Cinema Renaissance. This film explores her dynamism painted through a narrative unfolding lives of critics, filmmakers, curators and programmers – who are hidden maestros that largely make the cinephilia culture and by large remain unsung in histories of Cinema.

Country: India

Runtime: 65 minutes

Quality: HD

Release: 2021

imdb rating 7

Aruna Vasudev – Mother of Asian Cinema (2021) Watch Online HD 123Movies Free